Episode 9: Omelette

Omelettes really are easy, once you've made a couple. And if an omelette doesn't turn out? Chop it into scrambled eggs with cheese!

3 eggs A handful of grated cheese 1 Tbsp butter Salt Pepper
Small pan Spatula

Heat the butter in the pan over 50-60% heat until the butter has melted. Mix eggs in a bowl, then pour into pan. Let it cook until the bottom of the eggs begins to firm up, then scrunch the eggs around so the raw egg on top gets to the bottom of the pan. Repeat once if necessary. Sprinkle cheese on one half of the eggs, then use the spatula to fold the other half on top and re-center the omelette in the pan.

Once the omelette is almost completely solid, transfer to a plate (it'll finish cooking on the plate) and enjoy!

For a 2-person omelette, use 5 eggs, two handfuls of cheese, and 2 Tbsp butter.

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