Hey, /ck/. This is pie. I'm going to make a pie dough completely from scratch, and then I'll show you how I make a pie from that pie dough. But first, we assemble the pie dough. It is a grand total of five ingredients, and they are right down here. As you can see.

This is two and a half cups of all-purpose flour, half a teaspoon of salt, half a cup of vegetable shortening—Crisco—one and a half sticks, that's twelve tablespoons, of butter, and seven tablespoons of cold water. Now the butter and the shortening...the shortening gives it flakiness; the butter gives it that tender loveliness to it. You want both of these in here in some amounts. Actually, I have recipes that call little as one quarter cup of vegetable shortening, some as much as a cup. So, whatever.

So, all of this is going to go together. Half teaspoon of salt. The butter...get that in there. The vegetable shortening. One nice big glob of vegetable shortening, there. And the water. And now we do this, really, really complicated. Going to use my hands. I'm just going to mash it.

Yeah, it's kinda nasty. But that's okay. Ahhh. And also weird and clubby. Now what I'm going to try to do here is, I'm going to take the butter between my fingers, and I'm going to squeeze it like that, so that it sort of comes apart. I'm going to take...each time I find some butter, I'm going to squeeze it apart. What I'm trying to do is squeeze the butter down into really small chunks. They say "pea-sized chunks." And I'm sure some of you are going to giggle madly at that. But it's pea-sized chunks. And I'm just going to keep squeezing this dough until the butter's in pea-sized chunks. And there's the vegetable shortening in there, too; that's fine.

And I continue to squeeze. This is coming together fairly nicely. As you can see, I'm just squeezing. Nothing magic to how I'm doing this; I'm not following some particular method for kneading it or squeezing it. I'm just squeezing it. And this is starting to become a complete, coherent mass. Which is a good thing for a dough. And that sort of outer layer is being incorporated. There we go. A little flaky. Could possibly add some more water to this, but I'm actually pretty happy with that.

This is...this is pie dough! I mean, we're here. We're ready to go. You could add some sugar to this; that would be fine. Depends on what you like. But that's actually pretty coherent. Now, there's some butter in there I'm going to squeeze off. And squeeze it a little more, and that is pie dough.

Now, this is enough for two pies, so I'm going to just carefully pull this in half. Trying to get them as equal as possible. And use my hands...that's about right. And then squeeze this into a full dough. Both of these will get wrapped in plastic wrap, and then put in the fridge. They need to chill for...I would say at least forty-five minutes, maybe an hour, before you try rolling them out. Um...there you go! And...

The dough is out of the fridge; repeat, the dough is out of the fridge. I've just removed this from the refrigerator. And here's how I like to roll out my dough. Just put it down here. I've got it on a piece of wax paper, then I put another piece of wax paper right on it, and then I start to roll. Now, this is going to be a little rough to begin with, but it should roll out pretty quick.

And just keep rotating the wax paper, and then roll it out. If you try to do this, you'll find it's going to be really hard to keep it circular. So this is a lot easier on the dough. And easier on you.

One nice thing about using the wax paper is that, the wax paper's width is about as wide as you want the final crust. So that's about perfect. All right. Now this goes into a pie shell [pan]. Take that off. Pulling off a bit there. There. And flip. It may want to tear, but there we go. Then just trim off any excess. And you can use any excess that's trimmed off to patch up any larger bits, like that. And here's your pie dough. And this will go in and make for a pie.

For apple pie, I have got three Gala apples and two Granny Smith apples, sliced. Watch episode one to find out how to do that. I'm going to add—oh, with four teaspoons of lemon juice, that keeps them from being discolored. I'm going to add three quarters of a cup of sugar, a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon, quarter teaspoon nutmeg, eight of a teaspoon of allspice, another quarter of a teaspoon of salt, and two tablespoons of flour. Right in here.

Going to stir that around, make it all nice and mixed. That's what's going to give it that wonderful apple pie taste. Goes in there. Mix it around. Make sure it's completely coated on everything. You want as much of that mixture on the apples as possible. And look for apple slices that are sticking together, and separate them. Because that's more surface you can get the sugar mixture on. And once that's nice and incorporated...there we go...put that in your pie shell. We're going to bake this uncovered...ahh, there we go. And now I can actually tamp this down a bit. Push the slices down a bit so they're not standing all on end. That looks pretty much perfect. Into the oven!

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