Hey again, /ck/. The last of my guests just left from a little party I just had, and I decided, since I had a big ham, I was going to make some ham soup. Ham and bean soup. And I thought I'd show you how I do that. It's very simple. If you don't have a ham bone, you can just use regular old ham. It won't have quite as much taste, but it'll still be really good.

All I've done is, I've taken a crock pot, which you can see right here, I think. I've got a crock pot, into which I have a ham bone, and about half a package of beans, and actually some apple cider, but you can use whatever you want in there: water, chicken stock; whatever you'd like.

And I'm going to add an onion, so I thought I'd show you how to chop an onion while I'm at it. So, here we go.

I have an onion on a cutting board, and my chef's knife, and here's how I go about chopping up an onion. I cut off both ends, and throw those away. Then you peel off the peel. And I'm pretty liberal in terms of what I peel off; I don't mind taking off a few of those outer layers, so I'm going to be pretty liberal in terms of what I tear off there. Just get as much of that as you can, until there's no brown left at all.

Take your chef's knife. Cut it in half. Just like that; got two halves. Now you're going to take that and going to cut that in slices. I'm just going to chop down like this. Now, the way you hold the knife is, the knife really doesn't move at all in this direction [side-to-side]; it just moves up and down. I'm going to actually move the onion along. So, if you watch this, the knife comes down. Chop. Move the onion forward; knife comes down; chop. Move the onion forward; chop. Move the onion forward; chop. And again, chop, chop, chop. Careful on the last one, because your fingers are there. Just remove the fingers, and chop. The knife should slice right into it.

And here we have a nice, sliced onion, which will go right into our pot. Let me show you that again, with the other half.

Again, knife comes down; chop. Move the onion; chop. Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop. Now, if I were going to dice this, I would simply move it like this [a quarter-turn], and chop again this way [across the first cut]. And now I've diced it into tiny little pieces. Again, just chopping like this. Chop down, move it all forward, chop, move it forward, chop.

But I want these all nice and big, so they go into the crock pot. So again, the crock pot has just the ham bone, it has an onion chopped up, it has half a package of beans, and some cider. I'm going to add a little water, enough water to get it up to the top. Let it go overnight in the crock pot on low. And then in the morning, I'll taste it, see if I need to add anything else. I'll probably add some salt and pepper right now. [I'll] taste it in the morning, see if it needs anything else, maybe add some herbs at that point, just let it keep on going, and I can have this for lunch tomorrow.

That's how to do it, and I hope you enjoyed. See ya. Bye.

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