Hey, /ck/. This is GundamBoy, and I am making applesauce this morning, so I thought I would share with you all how I peel and core an apple, which is actually not all that hard. The recipe for the applesauce is from Alton Brown, of course. Just Google "Alton Brown applesauce," and you'll find the recipe, and it's really easy. But for today, I'm going to demonstrate how to peel and core an apple.

So right now, here I have a Golden Delicious apple, sitting right out there, right there on my...little thing. I'll be using two knives for this: a steak knife and a chef's knife. These are the only two knives you honestly really need. Others are good, but these are the two you absolutely need, for all of you college students posting constantly about what you really need.

Now this is straight from the grocery store. I have not washed it, I have not done any other prep on it, I literally pulled it out of the bag and tossed it right onto my counter. And that's okay, I can actually peel and chop this right as it is. Notice that it's kind of a weird shape, because I want to show you how to peel and core apples even when they're not perfect.

So, we're going to start with the nice, huge chef's knife. We're going to cut this into quarters. Cut like that...whoops! Cut it like this, and cut like that. Right through the label. Who the heck cares. So, there we go. Hope you can see that.

So now I'm going to core and peel one of the quarters. Going to go back to my steak knife. Now the way I do this...well, let's start with one that's slightly...not quite as weird as that. Here we go. So there's a bit of the core there we want to get out, so I'm just going to make a "V" cut, right like that, down, and right like that down, and it comes right off. That's the core.

Now I'm going to take some of the peel, and just start slicing like this. Now I know this is a very dangerous way of cutting, but the way I do it is by holdiing my fingers well away, and I keep moving my fingers as the blade moves. So I just keep on slicing, moving those fingers out of the way, and as long as you are very slow and careful, you'll be fine. Keep on slicing. Notice I'm slicing the label off right with the peel. Don't even have to take the label off. And, there we go. I've peeled and cored a quarter of an apple.

So let's do one more. Here's one that's got some of the core on it, so what I'm going to do is, instead of cutting down like this, I'm going to cut off all of this chunk, go all the way down, and do a "V" on the other side. There we go. So I lose a little bit of the meat up here, but what can you do.Now we start slicing off some of that peel. Takes some practice, again moving those fingers out of the way. You want some stability, but you want to be careful about what you are slicing or not slicing. We keep on cutting. Now this apple is not the best. I's got a little bit of a brown spot right there which you might not be able to see. So I'm just going to cut that right off. All I've got is nice, beautiful meat. There we go.

Let's do one more. This one actually is quite odd. You've got a lot of core up here, and some weirdness down there, so I'm just going to slice all that off. Put the knife right in there, and just slice down, keeping the fingers well out of the way of the knife. That's gone. Now we peel off the peel, so to speak, and come up this way, peeling off the rest of the peel. And there it is.

One more. The applesauce recipe; I wont' give you all the ingredients because of time, but it involves three Golden Delicious apples, and three Fuji apples, peeled and quartered and put into a microwave-safe container, along with a little bot of cognac or brandy—oops!—some cinnamon, and a few other little things, I think some sugar, put into a microwave-safe container like this, add in the rest of your ingredients, the apple...uh, apple cider I like to use, and microwave it and you're done.

Hope you enjoy. See ya!

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