The Essentials

A lot of budding cooks wonder just how much kitchen hardware they really need. Here are the absolute essentials that I think every cook needs. In the videos, I'll try to list alternatives if I ever use something that's not one of The Essentials.

  1. Small heavy pan (for omelettes, sauces, single hamburgers, etc.)
  2. Large cast-iron skillet
  3. Dutch oven/large pot with lid (for soups and rice)
  4. Silicone spoon (for stirring hot stuff)
  5. Chef's knife (for chopping and other big cuts)
  6. Steak knife (for delicate work)
  7. Plastic cutting board
  8. Two large glass bowls
  9. Two rimmed baking sheets
  10. Two pie pans (can double as cake pans)
  11. Measuring cups (dishwasher-safe)
  12. Measuring spoons (dishwasher-safe)
  13. Fireman's gloves

The Highly Recommended

I may not need these, but I use them often.

  1. Probe thermometer (the timer on it is worth the price alone)
  2. Wok
  3. Bread machine
  4. Two cooling racks
  5. Bread knife (a chef's knife will tear bread)
  6. Tongs
  7. Crock pot (for chili)