In this web video series, Brent P. Newhall demonstrates quick recipes and useful cooking techniques, all in under ten minutes, using The Essentials.

[Episode 9]
Omelettes require minimal ingredients (eggs, cheese, and some butter/margarine/oil), and just a little know-how. I provide the know-how; you'll have to provide the ingredients yourself.
[Episode 8]
Make root beer at home. Really. Just requires sugar, water, yeast, and flavoring.
[Episode 7]
An amazingly simple dish with a practically infinite variety of ingredients and flavors. The secret to success is understanding mass.
[Episode 6]
I show you an easy recipe and method for a perfect pie crust, and make a classic American apple pie.
[Episode 5]
The American favorite, made from scratch. Pretty easy, too, once you get used to it. This is the only episode that goes over ten minutes.
[Episode 4]
A straightforward, useful skill.
[Episode 3]
A recipe for simple ham and bean soup, plus an easy method of chopping and dicing onions.
[Episode 2]
I demonstrate the very simple process of making caramel popcorn.
[Episode 1]
Wherein I explain how to peel and core an apple, preparing to make applesauce.
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